1) Lack of APIs. The only one they have is the original SOAP interface to Google Search. What about all the other services?

2) Lack of XML output. Why can't I get RSS/Atom from Google searches, especially Google News

3) Lack of support for XML documents. Google doesn't yet do anything useful with XML documents it finds beyond displaying them as text.

4) Indexing not fast enough. Technorati indexes blog entries in minutes. Google still takes days.

5) AdWords volume support. There appears to be no easy way to generate large numbers of AdWords Ads. It's biased towards manual input of small numbers. This is limiting for new business models based on it.

6) AdSense pays in US Dollars on a US Cheque. This is a PITA for non-US customers. Come on guys, you've got regional offices. Where's the regional pament?

7) AdSense is still too generic. Even though it generally works quite well, it still has a tendency to default to a generic Ad. Why are 90% of the Ads on this site for Blogging tools when that's >10% of my writing?

Note that most of the above applies to MSN Search (even the new one) and Yahoo! Search as well.

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